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Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful and spiritual place. Many people come just to take in the beautiful landscapes and formations. Others visit because of its central location with regards for other marvelous places to see and visit; such as the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and Native Indian Lands and Reservations. Finally, others are looking to find a place in which they search their inner-self and undercover in themselves parts of their spirit which have been buried due to the hectic lifestyle into which they have been thrust.

Whatever your reason or reasons are for visiting Sedona, Arizona, we present here a little background of the Sedona area. We'll cover topics such as the history and geology of Sedona, information on the Sacred Sites of Sedona, spiritual vortex information, and tell you about the Nature and Environment that surrounds and is part of Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Stories

Ever since we came to Sedona we have had many stories shared with us that remind us of our connection to the spiritual web of life. They remind us that there is no separation between the physical and spiritual because, in truth, all life is connected and whole.

Vortex Information

What is a Vortex? How are they formed? What happens at a vortex in Sedona. These questions are answered and more as we give you a background, history and explanations about the spiritual vortex phenomenon that exists in the Sedona area.

Sedona's Sacred Places

Sedona has been considered a sacred area long before the whites came to the area, but as it has developed, this feeling of spirituality and sacredness continues. We explore ancient areas such as Montezuma Well, but also the more modern sacred places such as the Chapel of the Holy Cross and the Buddhist Stupa in West Sedona.

The Nature and Environment of Sedona

What's the weather like in Sedona? We cover that, as well the elevation of Sedona, and some information about the plant life and wildlife of the Sedona, Arizona area.

Our Recommendations

A listing of the businesses we proudly recommend here in Sedona. Planning a visit to Sedona can be difficult. We'll tell you about our favorite places to stay, restaurants, and other information resources here in Sedona.

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We just returned home from our first visit to Sedona. It was Client Testimonialwonderful. Kurt and Mariposa made the trip worth being there. We went with a quest to have an experience that was outside our usual traditional connection with God. They provided that experience by offering new ways of seeing, feeling, and intuiting things that were real to us.


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