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About Kurt

Ever since I was young I have retreated into nature as a place of adventure, imagination and stillness. Whether I was camping, fishing or just playing at a park, I have always felt a special bond with the outdoors, like time was standing still.

Kurt & MariposaThat love of nature fostered a respect for all life and inspired me on in college where I received degrees in biology and chemistry with the intent on being of service to others. Upon graduation I felt the call of the outdoors so I accepted an invite, sight unseen, to this place called Sedona. I felt a sense of "home" as soon as I arrived here and found a sense of connection to all life by placing myself on the Earth - hiking, biking and backpacking. The more I was on the land, the better I felt. I found it was possible for life to be simple yet meaningful.

Over a period of time, it seemed as if a light went on inside of me, pushing me to go within and discover what I love about myself and how I can share that with others. During this time I met people and studied backgrounds of different cultures - Incan, Mayan, Lakota, Hopi and Navajo among others. These teachings shared all life as sacred, connected and whole. These teachings became like a doorway from which I could bridge physical exploration with spiritual exploration.

I became a local tour guide and I experienced and heard so many powerful stories of the effect of Sedona and other natural places on a daily basis that it left no doubt of the profound power that many places hold for us, opening a door to possibilities in life much larger than the limits of our minds.

About Mariposa

MariposaMy name is Mariposa, which means, "Butterfly" in Spanish. Like my name, my life work reflects that of deep transformation and the resulting freedom this brings. What I have learned during my own time of awakening is that my greatest weakness, change, has become my strongest ally. My role in healing is to hold the space for that something greater, that something magical, to enter in and do its work with those who seek it. I have also realized that we are each responsible for our own healing, health, and happiness. In order to see lasting results we must do the work! It is not always easy or pretty or comfortable; sometimes it's more frustrating and challenging than we imagined. Yet, I can tell you from personal experience, that the journey of Self-discovery is sweeter and more rewarding than words can describe.

What I have come to understand during my journey is that each one of us is powerful beyond belief and capable of creating the life of our dreams. It is this simple truth I wish to help others remember. All of us carry our own answers, our own truths, and our own potential to heal and find wholeness. Healing is not always curative; rather, it is a process of Self-realization, which requires courage, commitment, patience, trust, and perseverance. This is a sacred journey that is as unique and individual as the people it encounters. I believe that spirituality and healing go hand-in-hand and thus base my life work in this knowledge.

Over the course of a decade, I have become a Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Master/Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy. I have acquired many other valuable tools to assist in the process of transformation such as imagery work, soul retrieval, karmic re-patterning, and guided meditation. As a channel healer, I work very closely with the realm of Spirit and often receive messages, guidance, and visions relevant to the work being done. I have many friends and allies in the non-physical world, and connect with a variety of energies such as nature spirits, angels, ascended masters, and star people to assist in the healing process. The most important connection, however, is to higher self who knows exactly what we are in need of at any given moment, for that which will lead us to our greatest good and highest healing.

The Two of Us

Kurt and MariposaTogether these experiences blended to become the vision for Inner Journeys, a family owned business intent on sharing our journey with others to help them integrate Earth based spirituality within the context of the busy, modern life. We aim to give others practical tools to help achieve a healthy life balance. We believe in discovering our passion and sharing it with others as it may inspire others to find their own passion. It is our desire to be of service to other souls who find themselves on a similar path.

As we heal ourselves we will also heal our planet and together, find a peace we have only dreamed of. By becoming aware of the Energetic web of life, honoring our past and embracing our present we can truly become stewards of the Earth and co-create a beautiful future.

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I was visiting Sedona for the first time, and I found Inner Journeys online which turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done! Before arriving in Sedona, Kurt and Mariposa were incredibly helpful and patient with me in working through what I thought I needed and suggesting what they thought I would benefit the most from. All of it was AMAZING. Kurt and Mariposa are such caring and open individuals that I found it easy to share my experiences with them, which led to great learnings. They also gave me tools, websites and book suggestions that I can use to continue my work after leaving Sedona. I would highly recommend Inner Journeys to anyone wanting to explore their spiritual side.
                          Maria – New York

I planned a journey to find healing and I was led by Spirit to find Mariposa and Kurt. More about my purpose and direction in life was revealed to me in the 4 days that I spent with them than in the last 10 years. There are literally no words to describe some of what I experienced in Sedona. My life is completely changed and I am so grateful to finally connect with people that are so selfless and truly compassionate. I have suffered a lot of abuse and trauma in my life and Kurt made me feel completely at ease and Mariposa is truly a soul sister and read my life to me and through her I could see who I really am. I finally feel the freedom to be me myself that always seemed to elude me. I AM FREE!
                                 Honesty – MN.


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