To make the most of your time with us and to best serve you, here is what we can offer:

Experience – We believe in teaching from personal experience as we have walked through abuse, addiction, powerlessness, spiritual disconnection and confusion in our own lives. You can relax knowing you will be met with compassion and non-judgment because we have been there ourselves. We will offer a variety of practical tools that we have personally used to help illuminate and enlighten your respective path.

Sedona AZSelf-Empowerment - We wish to help you to find your own guidance and to empower you so that you can come to know your own personal truth, inherent gifts, talents, passion, and voice. It is our intent for you to be able to understand and take home the tools and ideas we offer so that they will always be available for you when you need to call upon them.

Personalized service – We don’t offer cookie cutter services that we just fit our guests into. We are with you through the whole process – answering your calls, setting up your retreat and literally doing most of the work with you. Because of this we constantly work to stay aware of your needs and to tailor each experience for your upmost benefit.

Guided by Spirit – We believe Spirit is the Source of ALL the healing that happens in our work. We do/have done the work to get out of the way so that we can listen to the guidance of Spirit as it pertains to your personal journey. It is our intent to allow the energy of Spirit to infuse each of your healing services with Divine Love so that hearts may open and passion may flow.

At Inner Journeys we seek to help others to:
       • Connect with your own inner wisdom and spiritual Source of guidance
       • Open the wisdom of your heart to experience universal love and acceptance
       • Reconnect to the Earth and experience the stillness and inherent wonder of nature
       • Heal the areas of one's life that feel unbalanced or dysfunctional
       • Seek self-counsel through signs, symbols, and synchronicities omnipresent in
         everyday life
       • Release self-limiting beliefs and emotions that prevent you from living the life of
         your dreams
       • Live life from a place of personal power and authenticity
       • Relax and rejuvenate on all levels: Body, Mind, & Spirit

As you are able to slow down and know yourself, you will find your personal truth and the ability to infuse it into everyday life; thus integrating your spirituality and creating wisdom, transformation, and self-mastery.


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Testimonials From Our Clients
It was an absolutely beautiful experience to have the opportunity to meet and work with Kurt and Mariposa. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone traveling to Sedona. They are extremely knowledgeable on a multitude of subjects and they are truly willing to customize the experience for the particular person or people they are working with. I will be forever thankful for the experience
                           Susan – VA.

My husband and I desperately needed to get away and reconnect with our true selves again. Too many years of raising a family and running the family business had taken their toll on our spirits, and we were in need of cleansing and renewal. They were able to bring us back into the reality of love and connection, and in so doing, they changed our lives!! We will never be the same, and we can't recommend them enough for their amazing services. They are all truly blessed with many gifts.
                         Jill and Jerry – NJ.


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