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 Integrated Energy Therapy®

Are you looking to acquire simple; yet, effective tools to help yourself and others transcend the effects of fear, lack, and limitation? Would you like to add the element of spirituality to your existing massage practice and offer more holistic services? If so, Integrated Energy Therapy® is your answer!

      8.0 CE hours     Basic Class
      8.0 CE hours     Intermediate Class
      8.0 CE hours     Advanced Class
    24.0 CE hours     Intensive Workshop or Retreat

The IET® classes and workshops are initiations into the sacred arts through healing, empowerment, and enlightenment. This spiritual healing modality can be used for personal healing, as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other healing therapies such as massage.

Throughout the course of the IET® classes, workshop or Nature retreat, we will discuss a variety of ways in which to integrate IET® into your practice and how to enhance current services with the energy of the angels. With a little creativity you too, can create endless possibilities to heal with the angels and make your practice a thriving spiritual one.

About Integrated Energy Therapy®

In the tradition of Caroline Myss’s “Energy Anatomy”, IET is one of the next generation – hands-on-healing energy modalities that get the “issues out of your tissues” for good! During each class, you will be attuned to a powerful angelic energy ray that activates your 12-strand Spiritual DNA and aligns you with your Sacred Self and Divine life purpose. You will learn simple techniques to help you connect with the energy of the angels and your Higher Self to use this energy for healing, integration, transformation, and manifestation. You will then be taught how to feel and interpret energy flows, clear energetic blockages and patterns at a cellular level, and how to unlock the soul’s purpose.

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About the Instructor

My name is Mariposa and I have been practicing spiritual healing and massage therapy for almost 15 years. My original calling to energy healing work began in the mid 90’s through an interest in Shamanism. From there, I became a Reiki Master, licensed massage therapist and Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy®. In the last 10 years I have had both the honor and privilege of working with thousands of people in a healing capacity from private practice to world-renown spas to comfort, support, nurture, educate, and empower.

It is my humble pleasure to serve as a both a healer and guide to others who find themselves on this spiritual journey called, “Enlightenment”. I offer the culmination of my life’s training to other spa and massage professionals who wish to deepen their own practice by adding the element of spirituality and becoming energy healers.


Inner Journeys is a certified NCBTMB provider for continuing education credits for Integrated Energy Therapy®. With each class you will receive a fully illustrated training manual and certificate of completion. Please note that there is an additional charge of $15 for certification required by The Center of Being.

Policies & Registration

Class Schedule

Visit our calendar to view our current IET® classes and intensives being offered by Inner Journeys. Please note that classes can be taken individually, collectively or as a spiritual retreat so please read the calendar carefully. No prior energy healing experience is necessary; only a willingness to explore spirituality and energy medicine through the field of Integrated Energy Therapy®.


Register early and save! Everyone loves a good deal so why not save an additional $50 by registering for an IET® Intensive Workshop or Sedona IET® Nature Retreat 30 days in advance. However, if you cannot commit to an entire weekend of healing with the angels we do offer a $15 discount per class when you register at least two weeks in advance.


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Inner Journeys requires a $50 non-refundable deposit for each class you are registering for. We require $150 to register for an IET® intensive or Nature Retreat. In the event that you are unable to attend, we will hold your deposit and apply it to a future class/retreat held by Inner Journeys.

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We just returned home from our first visit to Sedona. It was wonderful. Kurt and Mariposa made the trip worth being there. We went with a quest to have an experience that was outside our usual traditional connection with God. They provided that experience by offering new ways of seeing, feeling, and intuiting things that were real to us.


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