Day Retreats

“Journey to the Heart”

          Individual price: $340
          Additional cost per person: $205
          Approximately 5 hours

Return to your center as you reconnect with your inner wisdom and Divine essence. This spiritual retreat helps to dissolve life-long barriers and walls created from wounding, failure, unworthiness, fear, and more so that you can reunite with your sacredness and express the beauty and wisdom within. It is here that you begin to see your true Self and can explore this unseen potential to bring forth hidden gifts and talents and begin loving yourself and life!

Sacred Walk or Path of the Divine Feminine w/ “Opening the Heart” meditation
Sound Healing-“Dissolving issues of the heart”
Personal Healing Ceremony: “Tapping into the Authentic You”

“Spiritual Awakenings”

          Individual price: $335
          Additional cost per person: $275
          Approximately 4 hours

Experience the healing energies of Sedona as you gently start the process of healing, spiritual awakening, and transformation. A package that is both informational and experiential allowing you to learn about energy and how it has been shaping your life. Through awareness and understanding you will become more empowered to use this energy to bring more health, happiness, and wholeness into your everyday experiences.

Vortex Tour
Intuitive Reading
Spiritual Healing Massage

“Free To Be Me!”

          Individual price: $425
          Additional cost per person: $255
          Approximately 6 hours

Have you been living up to someone else’s ideals only to feel disappointed and unfulfilled? Do you find yourself in unhealthy or co-dependent relationships despite your intentions to remain balanced and free? If so, experience this spiritually healing retreat to dissolve the negative emotional attachments you carry from past relationships and experiences while supporting you energetically through empowerment, healing, and awareness.

Sacred Walk with “Cord-Cutting” Ceremony
Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Personal Healing Ceremony: “Karma Clearing”
Angel Medicine Session

“Life Purpose Acceleration”

          Individual price: $425
          Additional cost per person: $345
          Approximately 5 hours

Are ready to take life to the next level and start living the life of your dreams? Do you feel that it is time to make some necessary changes but feel stuck or uncertain how to proceed? If so, then this retreat serves as the perfect means to help unblock your creative expression and empower you to move forward on your path. Receive guidance, inspiration, and encouragement to help make your dreams a living reality.

Intuitive Reading
Advanced Angel Medicine Session
Personal Healing Ceremony: “Life Purpose Attunement”
Medicine Wheel Ceremony

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Had the best day retreat with Kurt's guided tour. The views of the mountains and the connection to the land brought such a feeling of joy and inspired. Followed that up with the medicine wheel and Mariposa's energy balancing session. Words aren't enough to express the gratitude for this experience. A huge THANK YOU.
                                   MJ – Canton, MI.

My day-long retreat with Kurt and Mariposa was a beautiful blend of their work specifically tailored to my needs and requests. Each part of the day was very meaningful and presented me with different gifts on my spiritual journey. Kurt and Mariposa are truly talented in their intuitive abilities. They made me feel comfortable and genuinely cared about throughout the day. I would highly recommend any of their services to anyone interested in exploring or deepening their spirituality.
                                    Jamie – CA.


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