Energy Healing Work

Inherent to us all is an Inner Wisdom that stimulates our natural healing abilities, governs the flow of life-force energy, and orchestrates the unfolding of our life experiences. When we are open, aligned Energy Healingand harmonized with this Energy then life can be more effortless, enjoyable, and magical. However, due to stress, accidents, loss and trauma we often shut down energetically which can leave us feeling spiritually cut-off, tired, hopeless and depressed. In this state we are disempowered in our decision making and often left searching for answers as life appears to be hard or against us.

To remedy this state of being, we offer simple yet powerful energy healing techniques which:

     •  help you get to the core of what is holding you back
     •  reduce the physical and psychological levels of stress causing dis-ease
     •  kick-start your body’s innate self-healing mechanism

The result – you can begin to thrive! If you are ready to heal, grow, shift, and change then allow us to serve as your personal guides and work in right-relationship with your spiritual self to restore peace of mind, emotional freedom, and physical well-being.

Perfect Circle of Sound

Healing issues of the heart through hands-on-healing, guided visualization, and the use of vibrational tools. This one-hour session blends the sacred sounds of the OM heart chakra crystal bowl with the powerful tones of the Solfeggio tuning forks such as the 528hz to transform life-long heart walls and memories of heartache, abandonment, disappointment, and loss. As this old energy clears away your natural light begins to shine more brightly allowing you to feel a greater sense of self- acceptance, love, and enthusiasm.

          60 minutes…$95
          90 minutes…$130

Shamanic Healing

“Powerful medicine for the soul.” Oftentimes through abuse, addictions, trauma, and/or neglect we lose vital life-force energy which opens us up energetic-cally to a myriad of illnesses, diseases and misfortunes. When this happens, we feel as though “something” isn’t quite right, a piece of us is missing, or that ‘life hasn’t been the same since…’ and are in need of deep spiritual healing. This is done through a combination of hands-on-healing and/or journey work to recover lost or missing soul pieces, remove negative energy attachments and intrusions, and/or connect us with our power animals. Through this ancient healing practice we are able to receive insight, guidance and healing for a variety of issues and work with our spirit guides and allies for power, protection, and wholeness.

          60 minutes… $95
          90 minutes…$130

Angel Medicine

Experience the loving presence of the angels as they help you to heal the many layers of unhealthy thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs passed on to us generationally from our families, ancestors, and our own experiences. Using hands-on-healing and light acupressure we’ll help you release energetic blockages held in the body’s cellular memory areas that are keeping you stuck, unhappy, and disempowered. Empowerment techniques are then utilized to integrate imprints of unconditional love such as trust, forgiveness, safety, and support to help you express your inner truth and create a more meaningful life. Great for anyone wishing to become more self-aware, emotionally free, & spiritually aligned.

          60 minutes- $95

Advanced Angel Medicine with Life Purpose Acceleration

Are you ready to take your life to the next level but not quite sure what that means or how to do it? Have you felt an inner need to align with your Higher Self and start living the life of your dreams? If so, then experience an expanded Angel Medicine session with a personal healing ceremony to help you break free of the obstacles that are inhibiting your movement forward while bringing forth a deeper understanding of your own natural gifts, talents, and strengths. We’ll then invite the energy of your life’s work into conscious awareness where you can begin to align with this inner truth and start actualizing the expanded potential of your soul’s mission.

          90 minutes- $130

Intuitive Readings

Receive spiritual guidance, insight, and clarity into any area of your life such as relationships, health, & career to help you understand the energies surrounding your situation while exploring unseen possibilities & potential. Questions and concerns are addressed in a safe, relaxed atmosphere using a variety of means including angel cards, tarot card, and direct communication with Spirit.

          60 minutes…$115

Distance Healing

When travel makes it difficult for you to receive the necessary healing, working through the phone is just as powerful and life changing as being there in person. Since the angels are not bound by time and space, they work inter-dimensionally to bring about monumental shifts in both awareness and being. Working together with the angels, we’ll use guided meditation and distance healing to foster change, growth, and healing while helping you become aware of the obstacles and limitations holding you back as well as the opportunities available to you now.

          60 minutes…$75

"When you know that you are eternal you can play your true role in time. When you know you are divine you can become completely human. When you know you are one with God you are free to become absolutely yourself ..." - Mother Meera

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Testimonials From Our Clients
I did the shamanic journey with Mariposa and it was a very powerful and beautiful experience. I felt change the day of the journey and continue to feel change everyday since. I've tried other healings before but nothing compared to this one. Very reasonably priced. It's great to see that Kurt and Mariposa are in to help change/heal the world instead of making big money off of their God given talents.
                                               Jill W. - California

Mariposa possesses an amazing gift. My husband and I were fortunate enough to participate in Angel Healing sessions with Mariposa which provided tremendous insight into our lives. We plan to use the information shared during these sessions to heal and move forward in our lives. Our healing session was the highlight of our time in Sedona and definitely made it very memorable.
                                                Gina – CA

My amazement and excitement about the healing I experienced through the Angel Healing session I had with Mariposa is best expressed with my gratitude. I'm beyond thankful for this experience, the healing, the blessing, and the resulting love. The love and light shared through her incredible gift has changed my life, my perspective on myself and others in my past, present and future. It certainly is the best kept secret. .
                                                  A.B. – Utah


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