Multiple Day Retreats

“Road to Wellness” Two Day Retreat

          Individual price: $575
          Additional cost per person: $440
          Approximately 7 hours

Are you looking for an alternative way to support your health and well-being? Have you been unwell and need time recharge your batteries and replenish the soul? Allow us to support your body’s natural healing abilities through a variety of holistic services intended to release the cumulative effects of stress on body, mind, and spirit. Become more aware of the energies underlying your health issues, and learn simple techniques to help restore peace and cultivate harmony.

Chakra Balancing Massage
Personal Healing Ceremony: “Cord cutting and Soul recovery’
Angel Medicine Session: “Healing the cellular memory with the Angels”
Intuitive Reading: Explore the underlying factors influencing your health
Sacred Walk: Reconnect with the Earth and find your center

“Earth Medicine” Two Day Retreat

          Individual price: $600
          Additional cost per person: $385
          Approximately 9 hours

Allow the natural beauty and magic of the Earth to speak to your soul and reunite mind with body. Our lifestyles today often leave us feeling disconnected and ungrounded, which makes us vulnerable to outside influences that negatively affect our health, happiness, and sense of purpose. Drawing from the wisdom and intelligence of ancient practices such as shamanism, ceremony and hot stone massage, we’ll help restore your connection with the Living Web where true power, potential and healing resides.

Sacred Walk: “Connecting with the Spirit of the Land”
Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Shamanic Healing: “Restoring the Luminous Light through the Elements”
Hot Stone Massage
Water Ceremony: “Blessings of Oneness”

“Path to Personal Power” Two/Three Day Retreat

          Individual price: $715
         Additional cost per person: $400
         Approximately 11 hours

There is a powerful and creative Being within us all that has been waiting for our acknowledgement and/or permission to Be expressed. Through this spiritual retreat you will begin to release the negative programming and emotional interference that has been holding you back while helping you to see the empowered you and your true Divinity. The Path to Personal Power is for those who are ready to engage their soul’s mission and just need a push forward toward self empowerment.

Sacred Walk w/ “Releasing Ceremony”
Personal Healing Ceremony: “Cord Cutting & Karma Clearing”
Advanced Angel Medicine Session
Shamanic Journey: “Meeting your Power Animal”
Quantum Jumping: “Seeing the Future You”
Fire Ceremony: “Igniting the Passion Within”

“Gifts of G.R.A.C.E” Two/Three Day Retreat

         Individual price: $830
         Additional cost per person: $560
         Approximately 12 hours

The greatest gift we can give our self is the gift of love. Working directly with your angels and spirit guides we will honor your intentions for healing and support the unfolding of your sacred life mission. This personal healing retreat is designed to help you Ground and reconnect with the Earth, Release emotional issues from the past, Align with your Higher Self and Spirit, Communicate with your spiritual guidance, and Empower yourself to live the life of your dreams. You will feel more balanced, aligned, and loved as you experience first-hand the many gifts of GRACE!

Sacred Walk or Path of Divine Feminine
Sound healing: “Healing issues of the heart”
Personal Healing Ceremony: soul recovery, cord cutting, karma clearing, etc.
Chakra Balancing Energy Session
Spiritual Massage
Soul Star Clearing & Empowerment Ceremony
Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Fire or Water Ceremony

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Testimonials From Our Clients
They are incredible - you don't have to look any further. Spirit led me to them and it was beyond my expectations in every way. I feel like I gained a soul sister in Mariposa. I can't say enough about her talent, wonderful spirit, her big heart, and commitment to help. She made sure I left a strong sovereign spirit. I selected the Day Retreat Package and they "custom made" my retreat to suit my goals - awesome service and friends for life.
                                  Courtney – CA.

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Testimonials From Our Clients
I had the pleasure of working with Inner Journeys on a two-day personal retreat, and I cannot express how valuable this time was to me. Each session was cathartic and intense in its own unique way, and I know that the discoveries I made will remain with me for a lifetime. I truly believe that these two powerful days have given me the tools to deal with both major and day-to-day difficulties in a healthier and more constructive manner. Thank you!
                                                      Tai – Baltimore


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