Native American Ceremonies

Many people who come to Sedona on a spiritual retreat are seeking out an authentic Native American Joseph Greywolfexperience as the push to return to the ways of the Earth becomes stronger. Inner Journeys has partnered with Lakota Medicine Elder, Joseph Rick, to offer the opportunity for such a healing experience.

As you spend time with Joseph you will learn about Native American spirituality, ceremony, plant medicines, songs and traditions. He will teach you about walking in a Wakan (sacred) way and bringing your spiritual light into all of your relations. Joseph’s ceremonies will help to bring healing into your life as you realize the Oneness of All-Things where Spirit and physical reality dance together in harmony.

If you are interested in booking a service with us or if you have any questions that you would like answered about Inner Journeys please contact us or call (928) 282-1706!

Fire Ceremony

Fire CeremonyA deeply moving and transformative ceremony led by Lakota Medicine Elder, Joseph Greywolf, that connects you to the messages being shared by the fire nation. The fire ceremony is used to release the things that no longer serve you on your path or used to aid you to call in help to manifest your dreams, visions and goals yet unrealized. Once you give your prayers to the fire you are giving it to the unseen world seeking direction from the Creator. You will learn how to use plant medicines, drum and sing sacred songs to bring power to your prayers and ceremony to your life. Experience the transformation for yourself.          Length: 2.5 - 3 hours

          $150 for one person
          $60 each additional person

Water Ceremony

water ceremonyThe water ceremony, also led by Joseph Greywolf, allows you to experience Native American traditions and give honor to the water and essence of life. This ceremony will serve to lift your vibration and help you release any heart issues you are ready to let go of. As you connect with the Earth Mother you will naturally experience inner peace and well-being while restoring balance and harmony through drum, dance and song.           Length: 2.5 - 3 hours

          $150 for one person
          $60 each additional person

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Testimonials From Our Clients
Joseph initiated us to a calm inner focus, his gentle nature and profound respect for oneness awoke our third eye to the silent voice of nature. His songs and stories warmed our hearts and showed us ways to communicate and heal through nature.

The experience with Joseph, sitting in the desert on sacred land watching the sun rise was unforgettable. His words of wisdom and guidance, the tools he gave me, and taking in the beauty of the land, all helped me to begin the process of letting go of all that was unnecessary in my life so that I could move forward in peace.
                                              Bryndon – CA.

My mother (who is 72) came with me on the next part of my journey with Joseph Gray Wolf. Joseph, led by SPIRIT, prepared a table for my mother and I and the things he laid before us each had special meaning to us. We then traveled to the creek and he shared stories and songs with us. We danced to the beat of the drum, heard more stores and songs, laughed and laughed. Joseph shared from his heart what SPIRIT gave to him and nothing could have been more tailored made for us.
                                             Karen – MS.


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