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There are times in our lives that require us to transform, transmute, and transcend certain memories, relationships, addictions and experiences that are limiting the quality of our lives and our ability to personal healing ceremonymove forward. These moments can start as either a subtle awareness or an insistent urge to let go of old baggage, end dysfunctional relationships, move forward in a new direction and/or develop a more spiritual lifestyle. Yet, despite our best intentions to make these important life changes we often fall short of our desired outcome or just don’t know how or where to begin.

If this sounds familiar then experience one of our personal healing ceremonies and allow us to connect with your Higher Self and spirit guides to help you reclaim your power, heal your heart, and stand in your truth. We believe Sedona holds a special vibration which naturally assists healing at the deepest of levels and hold the majority of our healing ceremonies outdoors, weather permitting.

                Price for all healing ceremonies:       $95…….60 mins

Shamanic Healing

Enter the world of Spirit through prayer, ceremony, and ritual to experience powerful medicine for the soul. Oftentimes through abuse, addictions, trauma, and/or neglect, we lose vital life-force energy which opens us up energetically to a myriad of illnesses, diseases, and misfortunes. When this happens, we feel as though “something” isn’t quite right, a piece of us is missing, or that ‘life hasn’t been the same since…’ and are in need of deep spiritual healing. This is done through a combination of hands-on-healing and/or journey work to recover lost or missing soul pieces, remove negative energy attachments and intrusions, and/or connect us with our power animals. Through this ancient healing practice we are able to receive insight, guidance and healing for a variety of issues and work with our spirit guides and allies for power, protection, and wholeness.

Personal Healing Ceremonies

“Medicine for the soul.” A personal journey which takes us to the heart of our inner most Self where we are able to transcend our personal illusions and experience the true beauty of our Divine essence. Using elements of shamanic healing and journey work we are able to bring forward spiritual healing at its deepest levels. We focus on one or two particular issues that need resolution and work with all of your spirit guides and allies to help restore inner peace, let go of unhealthy attachments, and open the heart to unconditional love and acceptance.

Below is a list of the most common healing ceremonies we currently offer:
          Karma Clearing
          Energetic Cord-Cutting
          Soul Healing
          Ritual of Forgiveness
          Opening the Heart
          Life Purpose Acceleration
          Higher Self Connection

Shamanic Journeying

Through the power of ceremony and the sacred drum you will be safely guided beyond the imagination and into the realms of Living Spirit. It is here, through direct experience, where you can receive personal messages and healing energies from the plants, animals, elements, ancestors, and guides for help and understanding. A time-honored tradition that allows you to get your own answers, develop a healthy relationship with Spirit, and deepen your connection with All-Things.

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Explore the inherent wisdom of Nature and the Cosmos through the teachings of the sacred wheel. Revered as a tool for enlightenment this ceremony explains how each of the seasons, elements and directions are working together, guiding us toward wholeness while revealing which natural energies are at work in our life right now. The intent of the Medicine Wheel ceremony is to bring awareness to the inter-connection of all life and to the ways in which we can use this energy to live a more balanced, harmonious life. Likened to an intuitive reading this ceremony is a great way to receive spiritual guidance and healing energy to support your personal growth and spiritual development.

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Testimonials From Our Clients
Mariposa must be the incarnation of an Angel, with her kind nature she guided us into very powerful and transformative journeys. We want to thank you for being so tuned in to our needs and energies. You really transmitted the significance and the infinite wisdom of walking into these sacred spaces. Your presence to truth and profound devotion to Spirit was very remarkable.
                               Donatella – New York

This was a very beautiful and powerful experience for me. Mariposa and Kurt are very kind and it was a pleasure dealing with both of them. My healing was the shamanic journey with Mariposa. I was quite nervous since I hadn't experienced anything like this before but Mariposa truly made it everything that it was because her energy is so angelic. My life changed in that very moment and continues to change everyday and I am so thankful!!! It was exactly what the doctor ordered.
                                Jill – CA.

My time with Mariposa was amazing and as I laid there listening to her I felt myself beginning to change. Strange sensations and a sense of relief and lightness overwhelmed me. She is truly gifted and sincere. She has a very calming quality that made me comfortable from the moment I met her. I came back from this weekend feeling like a new me.
                                 Byndon – CA.


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