Spiritual Massage Therapy

Supportive of life’s journey spiritual massage therapy does not just feel good; it plays an essential role in the healing and empowerment process. Our experiences with massage show just how spiritual healing massageimportant it is to be touched; not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Oftentimes, we neglect our own needs and desires placing others’ ahead of ourselves; unknowingly negating our inner Self and perpetuating unhealthy cycles and patterns.

As part of our healing services Inner Journeys offers spiritual massage therapy which is a holistic form of hands-on-healing designed to support the whole you through healthy touch, energy healing work, and other vibrational tools such as essential oils, tuning forks, crystals, and heated stones. Spiritual Massage is a nurturing experience, and is a wonderful opportunity to feel both honored and appreciated.

Experience one of our spiritual healing massages as a stand-alone service or as part of one of our spiritual retreats and day packages!

Spiritual Healing Massage

Receive the gift of healing touch through this relaxing; yet transformative experience. Your spiritual journey begins with a prayer of intention and a clearing of your energy field using sacred sage and/or essential oils. You’ll then be supported energetically through the power of intuitive touch to begin letting go of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stressors causing pain, disharmony, and unhappiness. We’ll then blend the traditional art of massage therapy such as Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point work with the more subtle healing energies of IET, Reiki, and/or shamanic healing to support health & well-being.

          60 minutes- $100
          90 minutes- $140

Chakra Balancing Massage

A revitalizing massage which balances the flow of life-force energy and stimulates your body’s natural healing abilities to help restore emotional wellness, mental clarity, and physical health. By combining the therapeutic elements of Reiki, crystals, color, and massage therapy we’ll help increase vitality and gently clear energetic toxins causing dysfunction while harmonizing the body’s energy centers to restore equilibrium, power, and luminosity.

           75 mins…$120

Hot Stone Massage
Warm the body and heal the soul through the sacred art of hot stone massage. Using heated basalt lava rocks and aromatherapy, we will support relaxation at the deepest levels leaving you feeling grounded, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Choose an essential oil or blend that best supports your needs and allow the restorative power of the elements to bring you back to your center.

          75 mins…$130

Energy Healing Work

Are you ready to experience something different that is heart-centered, supportive, and life-changing? If so, we offer a variety of spiritual healing sessions such as IET, Shamanic healing, cord-cutting ceremonies, and karma clearing to help you release self-limiting patterns & beliefs, clear emotional wounding, and explore your spirituality. Each session begins with a discussion of your current state of being and your intentions for healing. We then offer a personal blessing to connect you with your Higher Self and spirit guides and follow through with hands-on-healing work to support spiritual healing, personal empowerment and transformation. Afterwards, we help you understand the messages and insights you might have received and offer tools in which you can integrate your experience and continue working with on your own.

          60 mins…...$95
          90 mins…$130

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Testimonials From Our Clients
When I searched for "spiritual healing" or "shamanic healing" it led me to a few sites, but the one that I kept going back to read was Inner Journeys. Mariposa to me is a "professor" of spirituality, healing, shamanic healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, massage and overall balance for your life journey. She helps you have those "aha" moments and helps you by giving you tools for your life journey rather then, "fixing" the ailment, as the only true person that can do that is you.
                                                     Janice – CA.

You have no idea how grateful I am to Mariposa. I had the most wonderful healing massage I have honestly ever had (and as a dancer I've had quite a few). The entire experience is one I will forever treasure. Whatever your reason is for being in or around Sedona, I would very highly recommend that you spend some time with the beautiful people at Inner Journeys.
                                                     Ann – Canada

My time with Mariposa was amazing and as I laid there listening to her I felt myself beginning to change. Strange sensations and a sense of relief and lightness overwhelmed me. She is truly gifted and sincere. She has a very calming quality that made me comfortable from the moment I met her. I came back from this weekend feeling like a new me. I don't believe I would have achieved what I was looking to accomplish for myself without the help of Mariposa and Inner Journeys.
                                                 Bryndon – CA.


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