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As a reflection of our sacred life mission, Inner Journeys has created a variety of spiritual retreats and day packages to help others realize their spiritual potential and become empowered co-creators. Sedona AZ spiritual retreatsDrawing from our own wisdom and experiences, we openly share our personal gifts of insight, love, and healing with others who find themselves on the road of enlightenment. It is our intention to help others discover Truth and begin loving and accepting themselves in new and profound ways. We believe that as we restore right-relationship with ourselves so too will we restore right relationship with others, the Earth, and All-Things.

Each of our spiritual retreats and day packages contain a combination of healing services with time on the land, soaking in the sacred energies of Sedona. Our retreats allow you to take the time to create sacred space for yourself outside of your routine to get some personal healing

You will notice that each of our retreats have slightly different themes and lengths so that you can find the one that most directly speaks to your heart. If you would like a variation on one of our retreats or would like to make it more personalized to your needs, than allow us to put together a custom retreat package that is a perfect fit for you. The possibilities are endless!

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