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Sedona AZ spiritual toursWe humbly offer a variety of spiritual tours to guide you toward your own magical Sedona experience. While our vortex tours are very popular, we also strive to go beyond the ordinary by offering tours and ceremonies that allow you to discover inner peace, connect with your own spiritual guidance, and experience the healing energy of the Earth.

If you are interested in booking a service with us or if you have any questions that you would like answered about Inner Journeys please contact us.

Sacred Walk

Our most popular tour! Explore the beauty of Sedona while you learn about the energies of the Earth and how to use them to facilitate inner knowing and healing .The Sacred Walk introduces meditation, healing ceremony and/or energy healing to help you reconnect with nature and bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual. The Sacred Walk tour helps you to get in touch with your own spiritual guidance while bringing peace and clarity to your journey.       Length: 2.5 Hours

          $150 for one person
          $60 for each additional person

Vortex Tour

An insightful tour giving an informative and experiential look into the Sedona vortex phenomenon drawing from geology, science, metaphysics and local, Indigenous spirituality. We will present a well- rounded view of the vortex concept so that you can make up your own mind on the subject. We will stop at different energetic locations and allow time for personal reflection at each site.
Length: 2.0 Hours

          $120 for one person
          $60 for each additional person

Path of the Divine Feminine

Journey to the heart of Mother Nature as you explore Sedona’s feminine side. Celebrate the beauty, inspiration, and wisdom of the Divine Feminine within and around you. Recognize and reconnect with your own inner Goddess and learn to see the many signs, symbols, and gifts offered to assist you on your respective path. While out on the land experience a personal healing ceremony to help align you with this loving and supportive energy for transformation, empowerment and an open heart.
Length: 2.5 Hours

          $150 for one person
          $60 for each additional person

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

A ceremony that will teach how each of the seasons, elements and directions work together, guiding us toward wholeness and teaching us about which natural energies are at work in our life right now. The intent of the Medicine Wheel ceremony is to bring awareness to the connection of all life and to the ways in which we can live a more balanced, harmonious life. This ceremony is a great way to receive personal guidance and healing along your respective path.         Length: 1.0 Hours

          $85 for one person
          $50 for each additional person

General Information

We know you have a choice when deciding which tour company to book with; that’s why we believe in the importance of offering a customized, private experience for each of our tours and ceremonies. Each energetic location we choose to go to is based on your hiking prowess, interests, and personal requests as well as from our spiritual guidance and intuition. Our goal is to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind experience while exploring beautiful Sedona and do our best to get you off the beaten path.

To be determined with each tour, package and/or retreat. If you do not have transportation and are staying in either West Sedona or Uptown, we can arrange to pick you up as part of your tour or package.

What to Wear
Regardless of season there are a few staple accessories that are a must. Please wear comfortable walking shoes, for example: Tennis shoes, Teva-like sandals, hiking boots, etc. but NO flip-flops! You will also need a bottle of water (20 oz. or more), sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and camera. It’s best to check the weather prior to your tour or ceremony since temperatures can vary from day to day.

If you’d like to experience even more of what Inner Journeys offers, visit our Spiritual Day Retreat page to see how you can package these same great tours and ceremonies with some of our other healing services to make your time in Sedona a truly blessed experience to remember.

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Testimonials From Our Clients
Kurt's tour is not so much of a tour, as it is more of an enlightening personal experience. He has a wealth of information about the history of the area and sacredness of the human journey. We only had a short amount of time in Sedona, and this really made the trip worthwhile. He is an incredibly positive and grounded person. Highly recommended!
                                               Amanda – TN.

Kurt is gifted at leading spiritual journeys. I requested some vortex & medicine wheel experience and I received so much more than I ever imagined. I was amazed by the pull of energy under my feet in the medicine wheel! Kurt did an energy balancing for me as I sat by the water's edge (beautiful). We also traveled to a mountain bluff where Kurt led me on a very wise meditation that again left me with a lot to think about, empowered new energy & insight and a heartfelt opening/connection. Thank you Kurt for an amazing journey,
                                    Tricia – Wisconsin

Sedona AZ spiritual tours

Testimonials From Our Clients
Mariposa is an amazing healer and guide - I was able to release patterns that were holding me back in a big way. The guided tour was more than just a tour, it was a way for me to reconnect to parts of myself. Mariposa is extremely knowledgeable not only about the land and the energy - she is highly skilled at knowing precisely what an individual needs in order to make their experience an extraordinary one.
                                                    Melinda - Canada



Sedona AZ spiritual tours


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